Official Statement from Matt Patricia

Former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia released a statement through the Detroit Lions yesterday and in it was some high praise for his former boss, Bill Belichick:


Lastly, I’d like to express my appreciation and thanks to Bill Belichick. He’s been a remarkable mentor to me, not only as a football coach but also as a man and as a friend. I have learned immensely from his detailed leadership approach to the game, which has certainly shaped me into the football coach that I am today. Quite simply, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with, who I believe, is the greatest coach in NFL history.

Pretty standard thanks from the outgoing DC, which is what I expected. I don’t think, at any point, either of the two coordinators lost any respect for their boss while here in New England. They owe him a debt of gratitude that will likely never be repaid but they can best honor the guy by actually winning some meaningful football games. Or at least put together a couple winning seasons. Bills’ coaching tree has been fruitless in the NFL so far. It’s time some guys show they can make it on their own. For those interested, you can watch Matts’ introductory press conference online tomorrow. Here is a list of ways you can watch it.

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