Some people are really upset with Josh McDaniels

And they’re not even affiliated with the team, which is so weird.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports wrote a scorcher on Josh, basically calling into question his character and maturity. He also prognosticated that McDaniels will “likely never get another shot at a head coaching job.” I’m paraphrasing, but bottom line is he, like many others in the press today, think this is it for Josh. It better work here, because he’s not welcome anywhere else. Which is the most preposterous thing to be said about the whole situation.

First of all, what the hell does Charles Robinson know what any league exec will think down the road? Sure, I’m guessing if he’s polling some of his connections they might be throwing around phrases like, “I’ll never hire him” or “he’s done.” But that’s just quick reactionary stuff. Anybody knows that. I can tell you with absolute certainty, if Josh continues to coordinate a stellar offense, particularly after Brady retires with some other quarterback and doesn’t take the Patriots job, he’ll get another look at a team desperate to win. That’s how the NFL works. There is a shortage of talent and if Josh can prove he can coach in this league, he’ll have an opportunity given to him. No doubt about it.

Secondly, where does Charles get off questioning Josh’s character and maturity? He described Josh’s behavior as a “new character low.” I’ll tell you about character lows, Charles. Throwing a girlfriend onto a couch filled with weapons is a character low. Slugging your wife in an elevator, that’s a character low. Getting arrested for driving intoxicated as an owner of a franchise in the NFL, that’s a character low. Second guessing your decision to coach a team is not a character low.

Are the Colts in a tough spot? Sure they are. Now they have to find a coach. They have assistants who’ve committed to them with contracts that may be feeling pretty upset about the situation. All valid reasons to be upset. But let’s get real, here. Josh did the Colts a monumental favor. Josh could’ve done the “honorable” thing and kept his word with Colts, taking the job, and carelessly lead them down three years of mediocrity because his heart wasn’t in it. The Colts could’ve lost three valuable years of Andrew Luck, all for nothing, because the guy they wanted didn’t want them. Instead of that, Josh said no thanks, even after agreeing, and gave them an opportunity to refocus, prepare for next season with either the coach of the future or the guy between Pagano and the right coach. What is Mike Mularkey doing? He did a decent job with Tennessee this year. Why not bring him in?

I understand if the Patriots were in the same situation and they didn’t have a replacement for Belichick, I’d be upset. But I’d be more upset if the guy they picked to be head coach, decided he really didn’t want to be head coach, but kept the job for various reasons, chief among them “honor.” Stick that honor where the sun doesn’t shine. Either you’re in 100% or your out. Josh was out, so the Colts need to move on.

Josh should write them a note and say “you’re welcome.”

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